New Associates

We are always looking for experienced and well-regarded independent consultants to join the network to help us fulfil ever increasing client requirements in the UK and internationally. Individuals with financial and IT skills are particularly in demand.

Specialist Placements

We are currently looking for suitably qualified individuals interested in helping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieve its 2030 Vision of a transformed healthcare sector – probably the largest and most ambitious in the world.

Full-time and one-year plus contract opportunities exist for:

IT Enterprise Director

IT Governance Director

Engineering Shared Services Lead

Coding Support Manager

Clinical Coding Support Specialist

Clinical Coding Technician

Coding Auditor

Data Engineering Lead – IT

Data Analyst

Category Director

Full-time six-month contract opportunities exist for:

Advisor to the ACEO of communicable diseases.

Advisor to the ACEO of health promotion.

Advisor to the ACEO of non-communicable diseases.

Advisor to the ACEO of surveillance and preparedness.

Advisor to the ACEO of environmental health and healthy community

To find out more contact David Chevins at:


+44 7774 427275